Refrigerator Cleaning Hacks and Ways to Keep it That Way

The biggest benefit of owning a refrigerator is that you can store good amount of food so that it does not go bad. But this mostly used appliance can get unhygienic sometimes. It is very obvious for the refrigerator to have some stains of milk and food on the doors and shelves. A single piece of food especially milk, sauces, or jam can slowly become home for fungus. It is must to have the best refrigerator cleaning hack to keep you safe and healthy.

Best Tips to Clean the Refrigerator

  1.  Make sure your fridge is empty when you are cleaning it. It is advisable to switch it off and take out the food items.
  2.  Soak all the trays and baskets in soap solution for at least 10-15 minutes.
  3.  Use a good cleaning solution to clean all the trays and baskets. You can also prepare a homemade solution using baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. Use a sponge to clean all the stains if any.
  4.  Use a non-abrasive cloth or kitchen towel to wipe the washed trays.
  5.  Deeply clean the refrigerator with mild soap and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Clean the whole refrigerator, the sides, vents, bottle racks, and vanity box. Deep clean the interiors as well as exteriors of the fridge.
  6.  Set the temperature of fridge to 5 degrees Celsius or lesser. If your fridge is warmer there are more chances of growing harmful bacterial inside the fridge.
  7.  Keep the raw meat and seafood at the lower shelf, it will prevent the chances of dripping. If the raw meat is at the bottom shelf there are fewer chances of food contamination.
  8.  Wrap the leftover food and raw meat before keeping it inside the fridge.
  9.  Keep a tab on the humidity level, the humidity of each drawer should be checked and correct setting will ensure the total freshness of food remains intact.
  10. It is must to ensure complete air circulation inside the fridge, it will keep the food fresh and cool. Avoid overstocking or crowding the fridge, it can lead to warm spots. Too much of crowd inside the fridge can also lead to germs accumulation.
  11.  Avoid storing the leftover food inside the fridge for more than 4 days, see what food is left and try to finish it off soon.
  12.  Never slice the food until you are sure about consuming it fully. You can instead try chopping and freezing the food.
  13.  Approach good cleaning services Singapore, they will ensure each nook and corner of the fridge is clean and germs free.

Method to ensure the refrigerator is Clean Always

Once you have deep cleansed the fridge make sure to place the tray and basket. Here are some additional tips which ensured the refrigerator stays clean always.

  1.  Keep a plastic mat or a clean kitchen towel on top of each tray and below the baskets. You can also ditch the mats and replace it with a plastic wrap, even a cling film will work well. Make sure to keep the kitchen towel at the bottom, it will absorb excess water.
  2. Wipe off the water droplets on the containers before keeping it back on the refrigerator. This will reduce the chances of the mess; the bottles will also not slip from your hands while you take it back.
  3. You can put all the leftover food into the glass container. It will ensure that you can see and finish it off soon rather forgetting them until they perish. You also can add stickers or mark the food so that you don’t miss out to finish it.
  4. Keep similar things together; you can also buy trays or small baskets to keep the leftover food together. This will save your time to search the entire refrigerator.
  5. Keep a pouch of activated carbon on the refrigerator; it will work as a natural deodorizer. You won’t experience any foul smell in the fridge. If you don’t have activated carbon you can keep a small vessel filled with baking soda and replace every 2-3 days.A cut lemon also can be used to get rid of the foul smell from the fridge.