Most Beautiful Places In The World # Part 8

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Most Beautiful Places In The World

 Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

A huge escarpment called the Chinese Wall ripples across the landscape of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area in Montana. In a 1985 National Geographic article, senior writer Mike Edwards said: “It does not look like China’s wall, except that it crowns all and is gray rock, mostly limestone. To my eye it is a juggernaut of a tidal wave, surging out of the west, lifting its crest a thousand feet.”

1 Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana
Photograph by Prisma Bildagentur, Alamy

Banaue, Philippines

Mist creeps into a rain forest in Banaue, part of the Ifugao province of the Philippines. Ifugao is best known for its rice terraces, which date back over 2,000 years and climb thousands of feet into the area’s mountains.

Banaue - Ifugao  Philippines - Asia
Photograph by Per-Andre Hoffmann, Aurora

Spire of Dublin, Ireland

The nearly 400-foot Spire of Dublin, built in 2002, stands in the center of Dublin City’s O’Connell Street. Part of a public space improvement project, the spire’s highly reflective stainless steel surface shines with both ambient and internal sources of light. The top can sway up to five feet under strong winds.

3 Spire of Dublin, Ireland
Photograph by Paul Lindsay, National Geographic

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Science and mythology mingle at the Giant’s Causeway, formed from volcanic activity some 50 to 60 million years ago. One of the most popular sites in Northern Ireland—and the first World Heritage site on the Emerald Isle—the landscape of around 40,000 basalt columns is considered a geological wonder. The giant of folklore is epic hero Finn McCool, who’s said to have built a causeway to Scotland to challenge the neighboring land’s resident giant.

5 Giant's Causeway, Ireland
Photograph by Jeff Mauritzen, National Geographic

Climbing Carrauntoohill

Hikers navigate Carrauntoohill, Ireland’s tallest peak at 3,400 feet above sea level. Part of the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range in County Kerry, Carrauntoohill’s terrain features deep lakes and hanging valleys, and its summit offers lofty views of land and sea.

8 Climbing Carrauntoohill
Photograph by Alex Di Suvero, National Geographic

Novalja Beach, Croatia

The town of Novalja, on Croatia’s Pag island, is an enormously popular destination with numerous hotels and clubs—and beaches. The long, slender shape of Pag, the fifth largest island on the Croatian Adriatic, is largely barren in appearance.

Le spiagge di Novalja
Photograph by Stipe Surac, Solomango/eStock

Cabo de Gata, Spain

A scuba diver explores clear Mediterranean waters in Cabo de Gata, Spain. From this spot on the coast you can explore reefs, beaches, dunes, and nearby villages like San Jose. The views are particularly beautiful at sunset.

clear waters of the Mediterranean sea in Cabo de Gata
Photograph by David Santiago Garcia, Aurora

Wachau, Austria

Golden vineyards roll toward the Danube River during autumn in Austria’s Wachau Valley. The valley is located about a two hours’ drive south of Vienna, in the heart of Austrian wine country.

6 Wachau, Austria
Photograph by Eui Soon Hwang, National Geographic Your Shot

Kenai Fjords National Park

Stand-up paddleboarders navigate toward an iceberg in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. Situated on the northern coast of the Gulf of Alaska, the park is a pristine—if fragile—haven: Changing temperatures and shrinking glaciers affect everything from wildlife populations to the length of the summer tourist season.

Two adults on stand up paddle board (SUP) observe hole melted in iceberg on Bear Lake in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.
Photograph by Turner Forte, Aurora

Bunratty Castle, Ireland

A popular attraction, Bunratty Castle in County Clare is a well-restored castle built around 1460. It has a splendid keep where nightly “medieval banquets” are held. Visitors can quaff mead and eat with their fingers while minstrels serenade the diners and serving wenches bustle about with platters and jugs.

9 Bunratty Castle, Ireland
Photograph by Christopher Hill, National Geographic