Most Beautiful Places In The World # Part 6

This is the Sixth Part of the Most Beautiful Places In the World. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Most Beautiful Places In The World

Durbar Square, Kathmandu

A flurry of pigeons rains down on Durbar Square’s human and bovine visitors in Kathmandu, Nepal. The birds are a common fixture at this UNESCO World Heritage site, located opposite the old royal palace that served as the royal Nepalese residence until the 19th century. Today, the palace is operated as a museum.

1 Durbar Square, Kathmandu
Photograph by Kwok Hung Chan

Supercell, France

A supercell glows above fields in northern Champagne-Ardenne, France, threatening a severe thunderstorm. Some of France’s greatest wines come from the region, and use of the Champagne appellation is limited (and strictly regulated) to only five districts.

2 Supercell, France
Photograph by Maximilian Conrad

Tumuch Lake, British Columbia

Cloudy skies and calm water merge, allowing this small grassy island in the middle of British Columbia’s Tumuch Lake to float, if only for a second. “There is an ethereal, otherworldly feeling to this photograph,” writes photographer Shane Kalyn. The ripple from a lone fish is the only thing to “bring us back to Earth.”

3 Tumuch Lake, British Columbia
Photograph by Shane Kalyn

Oryx of Arabia

“In the afternoon, it was so hot at the bottom of the dune that the oryx ran to the dune top for coolness,” writes Bo Fu, who submitted this photo to the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Often referred to as the Arabian unicorn, the oryx once lingered on the brink of extinction; in 1972 only six animals remained in the wild. Now, more than a thousand individuals populate its native range of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates.

4 Oryx of Arabia
Photograph by Bo Fu

Tham Lod Cave, Thailand

Boaters paddle the Nam Lang River, a freshwater channel that flows through Tham Lod Cave in the Mae Hong Son region of northern Thailand. The 1,666-meter-long limestone cave is home to many bats and swifts.

5 Tham Lod Cave, Thailand
Photograph by Drew Hopper

Theyyam Performer, India

A dancer prepares for the Theyyam performance in the town of Kasaragod, India. Theyyam is a popular ritual dance form in northern Kerala that worships a a range of deities. It can take several hours to paint each face.

6 Theyyam Performer, India
Photograph by Rafal Ziejewski

Dolphins Feeding, Bahamas

Captured in an ethereal shower of sunshine, a pod of dolphins feeds in the waters of Bimini, the westernmost district of the Bahamas. “The moment was magical when they all came up at once,” writes photographer Nadia Aly. “It was overwhelmingly beautiful.”

7 Dolphins Feeding, Bahamas
Photograph by Nadia Aly

At Play in Cuba

A young boy bounces a ball off a wall in Cuba. At about 800 miles end to end, Cuba is the largest Caribbean island and a thriving tourism center for travelers from Canada and Europe. With four main squares and a host of boutique hotels, museums, and galleries, Old Havana in the island nation’s capital is one of the country’s most intriguing attractions.

8 At Play in Cuba
Photograph by Dana Caspi

Sinking Tree, New Zealand

Pastel hues surround a tree half submerged in Lake Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand. The lake is the country’s fourth largest and is protected by special legislation due to its natural, unmodified shoreline.

9 Sinking Tree, New Zealand
Photograph by Paul Reiffer

Short-Eared Owl, Kuwait

A short-eared owl keeps one eye peeled while it relaxes in a Kuwait natural reserve. The short-eared owl, which calls every continent except Australia and Antarctica home, prefers open country, marshes, tundra, and weedy fields. During the day it roosts on the ground or on an open, low perch.

10 Short-Eared Owl, Kuwait
Photograph by Mohn Khorshid