Most Beautiful Places In The World # Part 18

This is the Eighteenth Part of the Most Beautiful Places In the World. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Most Beautiful Places In The World

Hadrian’s Wall, England

Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland is far and away the most important relic of Roman rule in Britain. Its sheer size (73 miles long) means that huge numbers of archaeologically priceless items have been excavated on, under, or near it. Here, visitors explore the well-preserved site of Housesteads Fort, perched right on the edge of the Whin Sill cliffs.

Photograph by Emile Luider, Cosmos/Redux

Keukenhof Fields in Lisse, Netherlands

A plane’s-eye view of the Keukenhof garden park yields strips of bright color. The world-famous garden in Lisse, Netherlands, has nearly 80 acres of flowers and celebrates with 30 flower shows each year.

Photograph by Yves Herman, Reuters

Colombo, Sri Lanka

A street vendor waits for customers along the Galle Face Green, a seashore promenade in Sri Lanka’s largest city, Colombo. With the arrival of the monsoon season, the number of visitors to the area drops.

Photograph by Eranga Jayawardena, AP

Marseille, France

A sunset view arrests visitors at the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations in Marseille, France. France’s gateway to the Middle East and North Africa, Marseille has always been a cultural melting pot.

Photograph by Chris Hellier, Corbis

Barton Springs in Austin, Texas

National Geographic Traveler magazine’s Dan Westergren recently headed to Austin to photograph some of the quirky city’s highlights. This image was taken at Barton Springs, the town swimming spot. “We got here right before sunrise, so the beautiful pink color of the sky was reflected in the water,” Westergren says in a video about his trip. “When she lifted up her hands to adjust her goggles everything came together and click, there was the shot.”

Photograph by Dan Westergren

Vatnajökull Ice Cave, Iceland

The jewel-like interior of an ice cave beckons adventurers on Iceland’s Vatnajökull glacier in this photo submitted to the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. The glacier was the site of a volcanic eruption in November 1996 that melted billions of gallons of ice and triggered a flood that lasted two days. The floodplain was littered with huge blocks of ice.

Photograph by Shane Wheel

Jal Mahal Water Palace in Jaipur, India

Birds, beckoned by early morning locals who bring food, take flight across Man Sagar Lake and Jal Mahal, the “Water Palace.” Traditional boats ferry visitors to the palace, which sits in the middle of the lake. This photo was submitted to the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

Photograph by Ravikanth Kurma

Rome Mural

The Tor Marancia neighborhood of southern Rome got a colorful makeover in early 2015 with 20 new murals transforming the area into an open-air museum. Nearly 20 street artists from around the world took part in the project.

Photograph by Gregorio Borgia, AP

Piedmont Park, Atlanta

Spring weather brings a woman and her dog to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. The park, the city’s premier green space, has a separate off-leash area just for dogs.

Photograph by David Goldman, AP

Sumapaz Paramo, Colombia

A hiker winds through the scrubby vegetation of the Sumapaz Paramo in Colombia. This vast space is the largest paramo, or alpine meadow, ecosystem on the planet.

Photograph by Fetze Weerstra, VWPics/Redux