Most Beautiful Places In The World # Part 15

This is the Fifteen Part of the Most Beautiful Places In the World. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Most Beautiful Places In The World

 Barberino Val d’Elsa, Italy

The green hills of Tuscany roll out behind a church in the town of Barberino Val d’Elsa. A pastoral paradise of vineyards, poppy-strewn fields, olive groves, sun-dappled hills, and age-old villages, Tuscany is the heartland of Italy.

Photograph by Guido Cozzi, Corbis

Barton Springs in Austin, Texas

National Geographic Traveler magazine’s Dan Westergren recently headed to Austin to photograph some of the quirky city’s highlights. This image was taken at Barton Springs, the town swimming spot. “We got here right before sunrise, so the beautiful pink color of the sky was reflected in the water,” Westergren says in a video about his trip. “When she lifted up her hands to adjust her goggles everything came together and click, there was the shot.”

Photograph by Dan Westergren

Johor, Malaysia

Mangroves fringe the tip of Peninsular Malaysia, in Johor, the southernmost reach of mainland Asia. Separated from its globalized island neighbor by a mere half-mile causeway, Johor is the second largest and most varied of the 11 states that make up Peninsular Malaysia, a crossroads realm crammed with both ecological and ethnic diversity.

Johor, Malaysia
Photograph by Justin Guariglia

Ladakh, India

Stretching from the Himalaya to the Kunlun Mountains, Ladakh is a high-elevation desert crossed by razor-sharp peaks. This isolated and starkly beautiful area is a refuge of Mahayana Buddhism.

Photograph by Chalongwong Manakit, National Geographic Your Shot

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

The rising sun sets Lake Wanaka on fire early one morning on New Zealand’s South Island. Popular for boating, fishing, waterskiing, and swimming, the lake is backed by snow-topped mountains that offer skiing in winter.

Standing on the ridge, watching sunrise while the whole ridge looked like it is set on fire. By far on of the most impressive moments in my life!  Taken with a 10s self timer, took me 2 photos until I was in the right place.
Photograph by Daniel Ernst, National Geographic Your Shot

Lavaux Vineyards

The picturesque Lavaux vineyards, some of the steepest in Europe, cling to the shoreline of Lake Geneva. Nestled in their midst are beautifully preserved villages, where the vintners live and press their grapes.

Photograph by Susan Seubert, National Geographic

Lemon Shark, Bahamas

Your Shot community member Jorge Hauser took this photo of a lemon shark while free diving in the Bahamas, close to Tiger Beach. A stippling of islands, cays, sand flats, and coral reefs make the Bahamas an ideal setting for sharks.

Photograph by Jorge Hauser, National Geographic Your Shot

Loch Ness, Scotland

Thousands of tourists flock every year to the banks of Loch Ness, the most famous loch in the world, hoping to catch a glimpse of its resident monster. Even without the legend, the loch itself is stunning. It’s one of four lochs inside the 60-mile-long series of valleys known as the Great Glen.

Photograph by Jan Michael Hosan, fotogloria/LUZphoto, Redux

Meroë, Sudan

Keepers of ancient secrets, pyramids built two millennia ago ring Meroë, the onetime capital of Sudan’s fabled Kush kingdom and one of Traveler magazine’s 2015 Tours of a Lifetime. Today Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt—or any other country in the world.

Meroë, Sudan
Photograph by Andrew McConnell, Panos Pictures

St. Petersburg, Russia

Calm for a moment, Vitebsk Station cuts a striking figure in St. Petersburg, the Russian city often considered the country’s most beautiful. Peter the Great built the city at the beginning of the 18th century as a showcase for the powerful Russia of the tsars.

Vitebsk Station. Saint Petersburg
Photograph by Эдуард Гордеев, National Geographic Your Shot