Knit Your Way to a Cozy Home

The globally-recognized knitting expert and educator, Elizabeth Zimmermann, helped revolutionize modern knitting thanks to her books and instructional television series. She certainly had a lot to say about knitting and passed her love of the craftonto many people thanks to quotes like this: “Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.” She wanted to share how much of an impact the act of knitting can have on someone and she certainly succeeded in doing so.

Knitting isa calming process. And when we’re working on something exciting, there’s the anticipation of having created a new project or making a special gift. So, when it comes to knitting for the home, you get the benefit of enjoying the knitting process, maybe in a knitting circle with friends, as well as the satisfaction of knowing you’re making something special for yourself, family, or friends.

You can find knitting patterns for any project that makes the home cozy. has plenty of available patterns forhandmade items you can use around the house. Keep reading for some ideas and inspiration about décor-focused knitting projects for a cozy home.


What’s better than a cozy blanket when it’s time to snuggle up for some much-deserved relaxation time? Using Bernat blanket yarn in the colors of your choice, you can knit your own “hiberknit” blanket with this extra soft yarn. Use neutral greys and cream for a natural look that matches with any décor or you could choose any colors you like, bright and bold, to suit your space.

Draft Dodgers

Draft dodgers are dense pieces of fabric that you lay across the base of a drafty door or window to keep the chillout. It’s possible to make them look cute and cozy thanks to this doggie draft dodger pattern you can find online. It’s the shape and purpose of a draft dodger, but add doggie ears and a tail at the end so it looks like a furry friend.

You can knit this practical item by following the colors suggested in the free downloadable pattern or personalize it to any colorway you want to create something that matches any decor. It’s perfect for children’s rooms where warmth is a concern and you want to keep things looking cute and friendly.

Knit Your Own Slippers

If you haven’t started bookmarking and hitting “favorite” for all the exciting knitting patterns you can find online, then it might only be a matter of time before you do. And if you haven’t made your own pair of handmade, knitted slippers, then you don’t yet know how easy it is to create your own textured slippers using Patons wool.

There are so many different styles you can make, some with decorative pompom details, some lined with soft fleece, and much more. Knit your own slippers and you’ll find yourself with new cozy garments that you can make in a variety of colors and sizes for all members of your family. Like all quality handmade items, knitted slippers make for a great gift and their soft, textured look even acts as décor when placed next to a fireplace or your favorite armchair.

Think of knitting patterns as the keys to success. Once you’ve got these roadmaps laid out and a plan in place, you can start making all sorts of new and different items for yourself and a cozy home.