Is it Possible to Prevent Recurring UTIs After Sex?

While daily activities such as swimming and exercise can also cause a UTI, sex creates the perfect conditions for skin bacteria to transfer between partners. If you’re a woman, your chance of getting a UTI after sex is higher than a man’s. That’s because women’s shorter urethras naturally give bacteria a shorter travel route to the urinary tract, the site where infections can thrive. As you might imagine, daily UTI prevention is an important topic for many sexually active people.

How to Avoid UTIs

The good news isthat it’s possible to avoid UTIs. From taking a daily UTI prevention capsule to urinating soon after sex, there are quite a few ways to prevent infections and avoid antibiotics, too. Here arejust a few options for preventing UTIs.

  • Switch to cotton underwear for its natural breathability. Many synthetic materials promote an airless, moist environment in which bacteria can thrive.
  • EnjoyUqora’s UTI prevention drink after sex or any other activities that cause your UTIs. It’s a simple and effective way to flush out bacteria from your system.
  • Tweak your diet to lower your bladder’s pH value. Sugar, alcohol and meat are among the foods known to raise the bladder’s pH value, which increases the risk of a UTI.
  • Opt for a shower over a bath.Baths increase the risk of bacteria reaching your urinary tract.
  • Take a quick shower before sex.Rinsing off before sex may help wash away any bacteria from the genitals.
  • Urinate regularly and clean yourself from front to back.These personal hygiene actions further reduce the risk of bacteria transfer.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!Urination is the best way your body defends itself against UTIs, so it pays to stay well hydrated every day.

If a UTI has affected your or your partner’shealth, learn more about UTI prevention today. From products to blog postings, a wealth of resources awaits you.