How Often Should You Have Acupuncture?

Regular acupuncture treatments can improve your overall health. But how frequent is regular? Find out how often you should receive treatment for the best results.

What Frequency Do You Need?

Every individual has different health needs. For that reason, everyone has different acupuncture needs. There is no one treatment plan that works well for everyone.

That said, there are a few general guidelines to getting acupuncture. If you want more specifics, you should talk to someone who does acupuncture in Miami. They can create a care plan for you and determine the proper frequency of treatment.

Before you can get a general idea of the frequency of treatment, you need to learn about the three basics type of care. Each type of care requires a unique plan of care.

1.Acute Care

If you need acute care, you are receiving short-term care. Typically, acute care deals with injuries and other sudden conditions. For instance, someone in recovery from knee surgery could benefit from acute care. You also could seek acute care for a flare-up of a chronic issue, such as arthritis.

When you receive acute care, treatment tends to be aggressive. You might require visits once or twice a week for a period of two weeks. However, a more serious injury could require more frequent visits.

After the initial treatment period, the frequency tapers off. You can stop your treatment completely. However, it is beneficial to continue on with a different type of care,

2.Transitional Care

Once you meet your health goals with acute care, you can receive transitional care. Completely stopping acupuncture can lead to a return of your symptoms. Therefore, transitional treatment is essential to a full recovery.

The goal of transitional care is to prevent symptoms from returning. In some cases, monthly appointments are necessary. However, the frequency is very dependent on your situation. The frequency depends on how long you can go without seeing a return of symptoms.

According to acupuncturist Michael Forman Dom, you will eventually find the right frequency. It might take a little trial and error, but you’ll get there.

3.Maintenance Care

Once you determine the right length of time between acupuncture treatments, you can look into maintenance care. Typically, you receive maintenance care for the length of time that keeps symptoms at bay.

For a majority of individuals, the time between treatments is every six to eight weeks. However, some individuals only need treatment once every few months.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Frequency

Acupuncture can be an extremely useful tool. In addition to improving conditions, it can improve your overall health. You can use it to prevent diseases and injuries.

However, acupuncture is like any other type of health treatment in that you need multiple treatments. If you fail to get enough treatments, you risk relapsing. It’s crucial that you receive acupuncture with the right amount of frequency.

There’s only one way to determine the frequency of which you receive treatment. You should contact an acupuncturist. After they hear about your condition, they can come up with a treatment plan. During your course of treatment, it’s likely that the time between treatments will change. Eventually, you will have maintenance care that only involves monthly or more infrequent treatment.

Just as the right acupuncturist can improve your results, the right amount of treatment can also help. To get started, contact an experienced professional today.