How Interior Design Can Change Your Small Space

Whether you’re renting a tiny bedroom or you’re moving into a smaller home, knowing how to enhance a small space with interior design techniques is a useful skill. It’s pretty easy to make a room appear more open, but you might need to look for a few items such as paint, mirrors, and smaller furniture. Before you consider hiring a Denver interior designer, try out these tips for changing your living space.

When it comes to fashion, black is often considered a slimming color. The same idea applies to interior design. Darker colors can absorb light and fool you into thinking the space is smaller than it really is. Instead of dark paints, use lighter colors to brighten up the room and give it a more open appearance. Decorate with brighter items as well. This can work especially well with organic elements such as cotton rugs or cork flooring.

“The trend of using organic elements and natural fibers is not new to 2019 but is carrying over from the past few years. The idea is to create light-filled spaces with plants, natural wood, and white/neutral fabrics,” according to Designer Premier.

If you’re the type of person who likes to try on different outfits in front of a mirror before you leave the house, you’re in luck. Reflective surfaces also create the illusion of a bigger space. You can use wall mirrors or standing mirrors – both offer the same effect. However, for the most impact, try to position the mirror across from a window or other source of light. Also consider decorating with other glass items that will increase the overall brightness of the room.

Although it might be a more expensive aspect of your room, your choice in furniture can really alter the way your small space looks and functions. For example, you’ll want to avoid larger pieces, such as tables and sofas that take up larger portions of the room. Instead, look for smaller, more moveable furniture that doesn’t obstruct your path.

Look for multi-functional furniture to use in your small room as well. For example, ottomans can offer both storage and seating. Fold-out beds and futons are also handy when you want to save space. If you do use a standard bed in your room, consider looking for storage options that can easily slide under the bed, so you can stow away clothes and other items.
Keep It Neat

Even if you follow all of these tips, disorganization can still make the room look small and cramped. If you’re in the habit of leaving your clothes on chairs or dirty dishes on the table, it’s time to get a little more organized. Be sure to put everything back in its proper place, and even a small room will appear more inviting.