Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture This Boxing Week

There’s currently a huge upswing in the popularity of reclaimed wood. This is true for many reasons, but they all have to do with either the practical benefits of using furniture made from solid wood orthe beauty of a one-of-a-kind product, hand-crafted from natural materials. Here are some of the reasons why any smart shopper should go with handcrafted wood while shopping for great deals during boxing week this holiday season.

More Unique Interior Décor

In the past, for thousands of years, wood was by far the most frequently used building material for making furniture. While this is still true in some areas of the country, and much of the world, there are a few varieties of wood that are no longer available, except as reclaimed wood.

Since these woods are rare, they bring a certain charm to a home that cannot be captured by furniture made of more abundant, and less valuable, raw materials. By adding a rare piece of furniture into your home – like the ones you’ll find when you visit this blog for amazing wood furniture pieces – you’ll achieve a look that no one else can ever duplicate.

Recycling Old Wood is Environmentally Sound

Making the decision to go with handcrafted wood this holiday season is a way to recycle nature in order to preserve living trees. These kinds of wood are rare because they’ve been plagued by the irresponsible forestry practices of the past. Your purchase will help redeem prior environmental blunders by allowing previously used pieces of wood to become useful once again and help prevent the further destruction of new forests.

There’s so much wood in the world that can be easily recycled; it’s wasteful to use new virgin wood, which should only occur with more sustainable forestry practices that involve different kinds of trees and sustainable forestry practices.

Historical Value

Most companies keep a strict accounting of where their reclaimed wood inventory comes from. This can add a unique historical perspective to you reclaimed wood items. This historical knowledge can later be used as a wonderful marketing opportunity or as a value-added selling point, if you ever decide to resell your items.

Furniture Built to Last

Reclaimed wood is renowned for its extraordinary strength and character. The problem with new growth trees that are harvested for wood is the fact they have had very little time to grow, so the expansion and shrinkage that enables the wood to acquire its strength is not yet set in place. The older the reclaimed wood, the stronger and more desirable it is; this is just a simple fact of the marketplace. This means that you, as the customer, will be very pleased with the reclaimed wood furniture that you buy.

The benefits and joys that are experienced when purchasing furniture crafted from reclaimed wood are second to none. There’s simply no need to purchase anything else, especially since the furniture will be long-lasting and can be handed down from generation to generation. This will ensure that your family will continue the tradition of buying finely handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture for many years to come.