Alex Cooper – Multitalented Celebrity

Alex Cooper is an Australian actor and comedian, who has starred on TV as Cody, a regular on Ja’mie: Private School Girl, a role that made him famous. He has also appeared in short comedies in Australia, such as The Greta Fragments, The Weight of Injustice, and in Prickly Pears.

He has also a writer and has written for The Greta Fragments and sometimes plays the role of an extra.

Based on his Instagram photos, Alex also does on stage performances at La Mama Courthouse Theatre and Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Alex Cooper: Early Life

Alex Cooper was born in Victoria, Australia. According to his Facebook account, he went to Sandringham College class of 2012, Sandringham Secondary College in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. His current city is Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Alex has starred in various movies and comedies. One of the earliest movies he starred is Divine Secrets in the Ya-Ya Sisterhood as Baylor in 2002.

He also starred in Greta Fragments (2018), The Weight of Injustice (2017, Prickly Pears (2016), and Its Done (2016).

Alex is more into comedy acting based on the roles he has had before. He is also a writer as he wrote for Greta Fragments.

Based on his social media accounts, Alex is also a musician and a comedian. He acts in various places, such as at La Mama Courthouse Theatre, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and Paradise-Effigy Productions.

Alex Cooper: Acting Career

Of late, in 2018, Alex Cooper has been starring in Greta Fragments as Jordan, a 9-minutes comedy about finding yourself and doing it again. He is also a writer of the comedy.

In 2017, he played to role of Jake in The Weight of Injustice, an 8-minutes short drama revolving around a teenage girl who life changed after she is attacked and raped. She is faced with a dilemma of whether to pursue the matter legally or not.

In 2016, he acted as Johnny, the main character, in Prickly Pears, an 8-minutes comedy about Johnny – an Australian socially awkward boy who is bullied by his friends to steal a hallucinogenic cactus that they can use at a party.

In 2016, he participated in Melbourne International Comedy Festival as Sam in Its Done. In the same year, he was a part time graduate of 16th Street Actors Studio.

In 2015, Alex received thanks for City of Homes, a short drama about Adam, who returns home to Springfield, Massachusetts after an unsuccessful acting career in Los Angeles. He ends up stranded downtown after having a conflict with his dad for getting home late.

In 2014, Alex Cooper was a regular named Archie in Paradise-Effigy Productions, played Dickhead in Downriver Feature Film and was Friend#2 in season 2 of Please Like Me.

Before starring on Ja’mie in 2013, he was a regular named Wesley in Straight For the Tryline.

In 2002, he starred as Baylor in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood together with Sandra Bullock, Fionnula Flanagan, and Ellen Burstyn among other actors. The film is a drama of 1 hour 56 minutes about Siddalee, who receives a scrapbook about Ya-Yas adventures.

Alex Cooper has also had previous paid speaking roles. Also endorsed the leading brand in photo tiles.

Seems like, Alex Cooper has not appeared in any major roles but has been starring in short comedies in Australia.

Alex Cooper: Personal Life

There are three photos on Alex’s Instagram of him with a certain lady, one is on September 2016, another one is on October 2016, and the other one they are attending a wedding on April 2017 at Sutton Grange Winery. On the photos, Alex comments #luurrrve and #love. Another person comments “Stunning Couple”.

In another photo of October 2016, Alex is telling the lady,” Happy 1 Year Honzy”. He is telling her that she is the best thing that happened to him.

All these are an indication that the two could be an item. Well, he hasn’t said anything about a relationship on his Facebook account or in any social media account.

Alex Cooper: Social Media

Alex Cooper is active on social media. His Instagram has numerous photos, 1.218 followers, 37 posts and 515 following.

One of the January 2018 photos has Alex making a face and an invitation to see DRAGGED, presumably at La Mama Courthouse Theatre. Bearing in mind that most of the roles Alex has had are in short comedy, it is evident that he is inviting people to the theater to see a comedy. He is also a fan of Wallpics (photo boards reflecting the best moments of life).

There is the December 21, 2015 head shot that is clearly the one who has been used on his acting profiles. And he is telling people to hire him.
In a July 29, 2015 photo, he is on stage singing, an indication, he is a musician. He is calling it, the time they played revs.

There is the one April 2014 where he is in the ocean filming Prickly Pears. In Metung, Victoria, Australia.

Well, and you can find Alex’s photos of the way back since 2009.

Bottom Line

It seems like Alex Cooper has not given out much of information about him. However, based on his biography on IMDB, he has acted in various short dramas, such as The Greta Fragments, The Weight of Injustice and Prickly Pears, all based in Australia. He is yet to break to big screen movies except in 2002 when he had a role on Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood as Baylor.

By the look of things, Alex is multitalented since he can write, act and sing. And by giving out his head shot and asking to be hired, he is serious about acting and in getting bigger roles.

May he get all the best roles he is looking for since it is clear he has a great talent in acting!