80s Hairstyles Which Are Still Stylish

The 1980s was a time that witnesses a lot of boldness and experimentation when it came to styling up hair. Outrageous styling trends like crimping, and bleaching was pretty common. Large hair-dos were also a prevalent practice of that time. The typical style trend of the ’80s was very much out of the box and had a generous feel. Grand and bold some of the styles that featured were tall Mohawks, mullets, Jheri curls, and very few subdues options like soft waves and puffed up styles. Also, the perm fashion cropped up during this era. So here are top 10, 80s Hairstyles which are still stylish.

80s Hairstyles

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The volume and enlarged look was something that this era loved. This hairstyle embodies a typical 1980’s style that has bob cut hair, but the breath and the side-lines of the hair have curls that are very widespread, giving a mane like appeal.

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A very quire and out of the box style this particular one is something that requires a lot of boldness to display. With a messy appeal, it has a very unique style statement of its own.

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One such hairstyle is buckling up your lightly messy curls with a top knot bowtie for ultimate cuteness. A hairstyle with curls and buffets are a typical enchanting and charming vintage hairstyle to flaunt.

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The messy Mohawk style is a very charming hairstyle from the 80s hairstyles which are still stylish. The messy curls add to the volume of the hair and add a basic amount of height to it.

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80s Hairstyles So Bad They're Actually Good..

80s Hairstyles So Bad They're Actually Good

Looks intimidating though, this hairstyle was popular style back in the 1980’s era. It was a style that was so typical of the time. It was huge, and the hair was permed, and the style was its magnanimity.

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80s Hairstyles

80's Hairstyles

Somewhat like sharp feather cut, this hairstyle has a definite structure. The dyed lower ends of the hairstyle add a glazing touch with the vibrant orange and dark pink shades.

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A bizarre and unique style this particular one is everything outlandish and off the center. The hair is cut in a pixie undertone with the spiked center.

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Perming has always been in fashion, and it all started from this era. The gigantic permed hairstyle in the picture makes the look a very stylish and attractive one. The hairstyle can be paired with button earrings as an accessory.

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With a slight gothic undertone, this particular style is definitely unconventional. An extremely fashionable hairstyle this can often be seen on ramp walks on the stages and fashion magazines till date.

Popular Hairstyles in The 80s

Many popular hairstyles came as a victory style from the era of the ’80s, and this style is yet another style that has made its mark to survive the trends of the years. The carefully careless look is what the USP of this look is all about.