5 Ways to Contour Your Body after Weight Loss

While there are numerous benefits linked to weight loss, unfortunately, most women are left with sagging skin and skin laxity that doesn’t do their self-confidence any favours.

Luckily, there are a number of body sculpting options available that will help you achieve your ideal shape once again.

Depending on the areas that are troubling you the most, you may find that you require more than one procedure to achieve your desired result.

Body Contouring Procedures to Consider after Weight Loss


Better known as the tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is designed to tighten and contour the stomach area, leaving you with a slimmer silhouette. Most tummy tuck patients are also looking to get rid of excess skin and stretch marks as a result of weight fluctuations. During a tummy tuck, an incision will be made on the lower abdomen near the groin so that any scarring is barely visible and will be covered by underwear or a bikini. Once the abdominal walls are tightened using sutures, the skin will be stretched downwards to create a firmer, slimmer stomach.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Your buttocks is another area that can become quite flat and deflated following weight loss but a Brazilian butt lift at the top beauty clinics such as best buttock augmentation clinic in Melbourne can provide you with a shapelier derriere again. To complete this procedure, your surgeon will remove excess fat from another area of your body such as the thighs or love handles, from there, the fat is processed before it’s transferred to the buttocks. Any excess skin can be removed too if this is a concern. The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure because it offers the additional benefits of liposuction too.

Lower Body Lift

If you’ve been left with a significant amount of loose and hanging skin, a lower body lift can contour your body in all the right places. A lower body lift targets the area below the waist, including the stomach, thighs and buttocks. Many patients choose to combine the lower body lift with procedures such as a breast lift to get the full effect.


Liposuction is ideal for smoothing the contours of your body. During a liposuction procedure, a local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area before a series of small incisions are made along the area where the excess fat will be removed. A cannula is used to remove the fat before the incisions are closed up with sutures. Since a general anaesthetic is not necessary, you won’t need to deal with any nausea after your procedure.

Arm Lift

Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift removes the excess skin and fat between the elbows and shoulders, an area that tends to sag following weight loss. Along with providing a smoother shape, the procedure also tightens the skin so that your arms look more toned. Only a small amount of skin is usually removed to contour the arms and scarring is minimal. If excess arm fat is a concern, an arm lift can be combined with liposuction for the best results.