4 Tell-Tale Signs That You Have Chosen the Wrong Water Purifier

Have you just purchased a new water purification system and started using it from the past few weeks? You would obviously be glad that you invested in this appliance that can give your whole family pure water and keep them all safe from waterborne diseases. But, are you sure that the purifier you have purchased is absolutely ideal for your needs? Watch out for these signs to confirm if you have made the wrong choice:

Sign 1:Water Has a Very Flat Taste

Water Has a Very Flat Taste
If you feel that the taste of water has changed and is very flat ever since you installed the water purifier, it could mean that the water has lost all of the mineral content from it. The error could have happened because of applying Reverse Osmosis purification on water with low TDS levels. It is recommended that you test the TDS level of water before deciding on the purification technology.

Sign 2:The Members of Your Household Are Falling Sick

The Members of Your Household Are Falling Sick
When buying a purifier, your intention would be to provide your family members with the best quality water. In spite of having installed a water purification system, are your family members falling prey to waterborne diseases often? This could be the result of water contamination. If your purifier is not equipped with UV, the germs could be multiplying rather than getting destroyed. This makes the water unsafe to drink. Ensure that you opt for the right purification technology so that the water is 100% safe to drink.

Sign 3:The Utensils Do Not Have the Shine They Should

If the water jugs in which you store drinking water and other surfaces in the kitchen are often coated with salts in spite of scrubbing and washing, the reason could be hard water. You may have got a purifier installed, but you probably did not opt for a water softener. The TDS level in the water is high and is not getting removed through the purifier you have installed. To get rid of the hardness of water, you will need to install a water softener as well in addition to an RO water purification system.

Sign 4:The Filter Needs Frequent Replacement

The Filter Needs Frequent Replacement
If you feel that the filter of your purifier is getting clogged very frequently, you probably have missed adding the component of UF. These components remove the dirt and debris from the water before sending the water to the next component for purification. In the absence of this filtration, the RO filter has to deal with the dirt as well and hence needs to work extra hard. This leads to the frequent damage of the filters.

As you can see, there are several problems that can occur if you choose the wrong water purification system.A purifier that is recommended by a friend of yours who resides in another area may not suit your needs. This is why it is important to get the water tested for contamination and TDS levels before opting for any water purification technology.