3 Tips for Looking Good This Winter

When winter comes around, everyone’s priority is to keep warm. For most people, this means just putting on layers of clothes. While staying warm is essential, looking fabulous is equally important. You shouldn’t have to lose your style to keep warm. If you can follow these three simple steps, you’ll see you can stay warm and look cool at the same time.

Wear cute coats: During winter, your coat is the first thing people see when they see you, so you have to pay extra attention to it. Coats come in all shapes and sizes. You should take your time to choose one that flatters your figure.

Fit and flare coats tend to look better on people with pear-shaped bodies. It’s advisable for you to go for styles that tie or button at the waist and flare out like a skirt.

If you have a heart-shaped body, non-bulky coats with sleek lines and minimal detailing are your best bet.

Ladies with rectangular body types should try to experiment with patterns, volumes, and textures which make their shapes appear curvier and in turn, look more flattering.

Petites should stay away from excess fabric as much as possible. Simple, short, and sleek coats are the best choice for ladies with this body type.

A wrap coat is usually the most comfortable for ladies with an hourglass shape because the tightness is adjustable, and the tie accentuates the waist. Fit and flare-styled coats also look fabulous on the curves of the hourglass shape.

Pay attention to your boots: Everyone knows boots are essential for the harsh winter cold, but they can also be worn to make a fashion statement. Knowing the right type of boots for you is necessary if you want them to look good.

Ankle boots have become popular and rightly so. They complement all body sizes and can be worn with any skirt or dress. For those who are short and have short calves, ankle boots with heels can create the impression of longer legs.

If you have thin, tall legs, over-the-knee boots are just the right fit for you. They make you look sexier, daring, and confident. On the other hand, they only make a short person look shorter.

Ladies with rectangular body shapes should definitely try out calf-length boots. They also give the impression of being taller on shorter ladies. You can find trendy and fashionable boots at sites like bnb heaven.

Accessorize your outfit: Nothing says fashion better than well-worn accessories. While for most people, winter accessories are an afterthought, enhancing your outfit with the right accessories requires deliberate effort.

Tights are an essential accessory for winter time. They are warm and pretty. It’s important to note though that when wearing thick tights, you should wear lively colors. They will give your outfit more of a punch. Liven up your outfits by wearing colorful scarfs. You can also adorn yourself by wearing long pretty necklaces that will go nicely with your outfits.